Trailer - Introduction to Braintales

Trailer - Introduction to Braintales

Hey there, you’re probably wondering what has happened to SaaS Pirates. Well, as you can see, we’ve rebranded into Braintales, with a good reason!

We want to bring you more in-depth interviews with a broader range of successful and interesting people, such as founders, authors, and industry experts.

Even though this show will be moving away from a focus predominantly on SaaS, we will however still interview founders and entrepreneurs and talk about their journey, but this time, with a higher focus on their productivity systems, habits, and the way they handle their work and life in general.

By following this show, you’ll learn from people that built successful businesses, like, for example, Jason Fried from Basecamp or Des Traynor from Intercom.

You’ll also learn from authors such as Arvid Kahl and industry experts that will talk about neuroscience, biohacking, or other super interesting stuff that will contribute to creating a better you and working more productively.

I CAN’T wait to share the first episodes!

I want to thank you for being a loyal listener to the SaaS Pirates podcast; I can only hope you’ll stick around for Braintales.

See you soon!